Cash Donations:


Stuff Wish List:

Contact the president if you have any of these materials you would be willing to donate. We appreciate your generosity.

  • shovels, landscape rakes, loop hoes, tree trimming saws 
  • tillers or edgers
  • chain link fencing and or poles
  • fill dirt
  • gravel for fill-any amount
  • fertilizer (even that extra half a bag)
  • chain saws
  • white outdoor paint
  • That old wagon or wheel barrow 
  • microwave or large coffee pot/urns 
  • maybe time for a new refrigerator or freezer. donate the old (tax deductible)
  • time for a lawn mower upgrade.  rider or zero turn (tax deductible)
  • In kind donations welcome for sponsorship trade (must deemed equal to or greater than sponsorship levels listed below) 
  • Handy man services (construction,plumbing,electrical,etc.) ALWAYS WELCOME!

We love imperfect items that are still functional


Local Sponsors