What is Sunday Showcase?

A brief rundown of Sunday Showcase...

  • What is it...More opportunities for your child to practice, play and grow as a little leaguer
  • Ages and Teams...Ages 7-12 will have a chance to tryout for their respective team
    • We will have a 7U, 8U, 9U, 10U and 12U team this year
    • Teams will consist of up to 15 players and you must be either an existing WTLL player or must also register for the 2019 season
  • Fees...There is an additional fee for Sunday Showcase once the player is selected (outside of WTLL registration fees for the regular season)
  • This will cover additional uniforms, equipment, insurance, tournaments and umpire fees
  • Additional fees will vary based on the possibility of additional events, such as winter work-outs
  • Players/Families - A tryout does not necessarily guarantee a spot on the team. This is a selective process for this program only and does not necessarily guarantee equal playing time for all players.
  • Tryouts will be March 16th at the fields

For more information, see below.

What is Sunday Showcase?
Sunday Showcase (SSC) is an additional opportunity for players in Washington Township Little League (WTLL) to be on a team in which the players practice more, play additional games and compete against other leagues in a stronger competitive environment.

Players must try out for the team, pay additional fees above and beyond the normal WTLL registration fees and participate in team activities in the fall and winter. Additionally, the Sunday Showcase season is played simultaneously with the recreational league. Sunday Showcase players will play on WTLL recreational teams as well as being a member of the SSC team.

Each SSC roster and coaching staff will be dissolved after the conclusion of each season and new tryouts for players will take place at a date as agreed upon the SSC Committee, but prior to September 1st.

Teams will be selected based on the results of player evaluation sessions open to all WTLL players. Initial rosters will be completed by April 13th of each calendar year and the rostered SSC team will compete through August of the following year.

SSC games are typically played on Sundays in the spring and summer but may also be played in the fall. In order to play at high levels the teams may practice in the winter months. WTLL understands many players play other sports (WTLL encourages playing multiple sports) in the Fall and Winter. WTLL recognizes that baseball may not be the sport of first priority in the Fall and Winter and will schedule baseball activities to minimize conflicts with other sports. When there is no conflict, WTLL requests players make every effort to participate in team activities.

Who Oversees the Sunday Showcase Program?

An oversight committee shall be formed consisting of two sitting board members who do not manage a team in the SSC Program and one individual who manages or coaches a team in the SSC program. The SSC Committee will oversee the development and implementation of the SSC program along with the Player Development Officer. The Player Development Officer will oversee the day to operation and will serve as a liaison between coaches and the SSC Committee, as well as, the Board of Directors.

Sunday Showcase is part of the Washington Township Little League and is subject to the rules and charter of the League.

What age levels can participate?

Each age group 6 - 12 will be permitted to have (1) or (2) teams if enough players desire to participate and managers commit to leading the team. Each team will have a maximum of 15 players, thus if there are enough players in an age group to field two teams of 12, then 24 players may participate from each age group.

How will players and managers be selected?

Managers for each SSC team will be approved by the oversight committee and the President of WTLL. Managers will be selected as soon as practicable following the conclusion of the prior season and every effort will be made to select Managers prior to tryouts for the following season.

Evaluations will occur at a time determined by the SSC Committee and with WTLL Board Approval. It is recommended that they be conducted in the spring. Evaluations will be specific to age group and only players of the same age will go thru evaluations together. Evaluations may be on 1 or more dates as determined by the SSC Committee.

It is preferred that at least one of the evaluators be a member of the SSC Committee or a designee, who does not have a son or daughter who will be participating on the team. The evaluation process may include skills, drills, and scrimmage game(s). The evaluation process may or may not be the same depending on player ages.

WTLL will notify all previously registered players within a specific age group as to the date and time of any evaluation session or tryout for the SSC team. The Evaluation staff will then communicate with those individuals who express interest in participating in the SSC program and/or attend the evaluation session and communicate further dates and times of other activities directly with parents of interested players. The Evaluation staff will provide the SSC Committee and the Player Development Officer a ranking of all players who attended the tryouts along with a proposed roster for the team. Optimal try out days are Sundays with the necessary exclusion of calendar events that would significantly affect attendance.

Managers will submit rosters to the oversight committee based on the combination of the evaluations, end of season evaluations and recommendations by Recreational and/or SSC Manager and Coaches or All Star Manager and Coaches. Factors in selection will include but not be limited to ability, availability, attitude and team needs. The oversight committee and the Player Development Officer will make the final selections for each team. The player selection and placement shall be completed by April 13th of each year.

Open or contested roster spots will be filled by or considered under the supervision of the oversight committee and the Player Development Officer.

How will SSC coordinate with the recreational league?

Prior to March 1, a meeting consisting of the SSC Committee, Player Development Officer and SSC Team Managers will take place to discuss and set dates for tryouts, fall activities and any open manager positions. During this meeting, selected managers will have the opportunity to present his/her ideas for their specific team to the SSC Committee and Player Development Officer.

It will be the responsibility of the Manager to coordinate with indoor facilities to schedule winter practices and schedule games. No SSC game will be played after 8 days of the WTLL Championship day or until the conclusion of the District 8 tournament, which ever is last. Games that coincide with the WTLL recreational league schedule should be played April 1st thru the 3rd week of June or at the conclusion of the recreational championship game. It is recommended that opponents be within a 60- minute drive of WTLL Facilities.

Each manager shall be responsible for creating a proposed schedule for each season that will include the date and location of games. The manager will submit the schedule to the SSC Committee for approval. Every attempt shall be made so that SSC activities do not conflict with recreational games or practices. Any grievances that a SSC manager or recreational league manager may have shall take their dispute to the oversight committee. The oversight committee shall make a recommendation to the board for approval.

What are the expectations of Players?

Attend practice and winter work outs to learn, practice, and execute the fundamental skills of hitting, throwing, catching, base running, situational baseball and all other aspects of the game. 

What are the expectations of Parents?

This is a voluntary program which does not guarantee equal playing time for all players in any way similar to the Recreational base ball league. Playing time is determined by the Manager. The manager will determine the best batting order most conducive to scoring runs, determining the best defensive alignment according to players’ s ability, determining when to have players pitch/catch according to players’ ability.

What is the cost?

Parents will be required to pay an additional fee once the player is selected to the team. This will cover additional uniforms, equipment, insurance, tournaments and umpire fees. There may be an additional fee for winter work-outs. The fee will vary each year and determined by the WTLL Board of Directors.

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