What stuff should I buy?

General Gear

Due to the generous donations of familes and organizations, we have some used items to share. There will be multiple opportunities to acquire free gear from the WTLL stash. We'll accept items that your children have outgrown, also. Otherwise, we encourage you to use our coupon for our sponsor Dick's Sporting Goods linked in the footer.


Far more money is spent on youth bats than makes any sense. There's no reason every player needs to carry a personal bat. In a typical dugout, there are 15 bats or perhaps 3 different lengths. Almost everyone uses the one with the best paint job. The bat rules intentionally cap the performance; a $300 bat and $20 bat are about the same. By far the most important thing you can do is pick the right size of bat. We encourage you to consult with your team's manager. See Little League International for guidance on choosing a bat and rules information

Note that the rules are changing dramatically in 2018. It's very unlikely that a metal bat bought for the 2017 season will be legal in 2018.

Baseball glove

Choose one that fits the hand and is small enough for the player to control well. Try several.


Plastic cleats are a good idea but still optional. Metal spikes are illegal in the major division and below.

Bat Weights

The traditional bat ring is illegal in Little League. Buy a weighted sleeve instead if you want a weight.

Batting Gloves

The batting glove for a seven year-old is a fashion accessory. There will be 5,637 of them in the lost and found plus another 6,321 in the trash and bushes. Use your judgement. If you buy batting gloves, please emphasize to your child that they should be put on in the dugout, not in the batter's box while the rest of the world waits.

Protective Cup

Buy one for your boy. Catchers MUST wear a protective cup.

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