Normal Field Preparation

On weekday games, the home team should prepare the field:

  • Take both parts of the three bases out of the field box.
  • Fold and remove tarp. place behind dugouts with tarp weights. Please don't leave tarps or weights on infield grass it will kill it.
  • Close and lock the box. (Closing is important!  The lid is very heavy.)
  • Remove dirt from the base post with the dig out tool.
  • Remove any excess dirt around the plug so that the bottom part of the base fits completely into the post.
  • Bring chalk and a chalk marker (chalker) from the brown shed (The chalkers often dribble out chalk when pushed, so please use a wagon or a trailer or carry the chalker.) Grab a rake for before and after the game
  • Chalk the batter's box according to the dimensions shown in section 1 in the rulebook. Use string line for baselines.
  • Paint (do NOT chalk) foul lines on grass. Chalk kills grass.
  • Retarp the field when you leave and put away bases unless there is a game/practice immediately following your teams
  • return any equipment to shed please.
  • Many hands make light work! Get the team involved!
  • Please help keep thee shed clean

Pitcher's Mound Repair

Normal use tends to create a hole in front of the pitcher's rubber and at the landing.  This requires weekly repair.

  1. Collect these items:
    1. Clay
    2. Water
    3. Rake
    4. Tamp
    5. Broom
  2. Sweep all of the loose dirt away to expose the existing clay.
  3. Rough up the surface with the rake.
  4. Wet the surface.
  5. Add new clay to the desired height.
  6. Tamp the new clay
  7. Cover the new clay with a thin layer of infield dirt

Water Removal

To recover fields from rain:

  • Pump off small lakes by digging a hole and then using a hand pump. The earlier you can get to it. The better the chances of playing!
  • Soak up puddles with the large sponges.
  • Diamond Dry or any bagged drying agent requires up to an hour (with sunshine) to work efficiently, make plans to arrive early after any rain to help keep the games on time. The more volunteers we have...the better the chances of getting games in. Remember, it usually doesn't take a whole bag of drying agent;  grab a bucket and spread it with the rake.
  • Rake or nail drag to expose wet dirt to the air and sun. Push dry dirt into wet dirt with a rake.
  • Never push water off with a squeegee. This will exacerbate the long term problem by moving dirt out of the low area.


General Practices

The more that we rake on and rake off the fields the less we have to deal with low spots around bases on rainy days.


Get your whole team involved with raking, and tamping the mound and home plate each practice and game day. Also, if you are the last game or practice remember to always cover the mound and home plate area, rain or shine.


These are all WTLL's home fields and we to encourage team pride in our home fields!

Thank you for all your help!!

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